Day: March 12, 2020

Chris Fussell Full Interview

  Interview Transcript   If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. Especially now. But this show is about more than being angry. It’s also about being active, informed and vigilant. It’s bigger than any party–and truly about putting our country first. If that’s a side you want to join, join our Angry Americans Patreon […]

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Episode 50: Chris Fussell. The Navy SEAL Commander on Leadership in Chaos. How To Prepare for Coronavirus. Fighting Al Qaeda Prepared Us To Fight Coronavirus. Does America Need a Draft? Guarding the Castle. The Risks of Hero Worship. Beware the Mailbox Syndrome.

  As America scrambles to face the unprecedented chaos of coronavirus and the upheaval of the 2020 election, this episode features a riveting conversation with one of the most impressive leaders of our time. Chris Fussell is a man who knows chaos–and helps guide you through it with powerful insights and lessons-learned. Steeled by leadership […]

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