Day: April 9, 2020

Jake Wood – Full Interview

  Interview Transcript   If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. Especially now. But this show is about more than being angry. It’s also about being active, informed and vigilant. It’s bigger than any party–and truly about putting our country first. If that’s a side you want to join, join our Angry Americans Patreon […]

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Episode 54: Jake Wood. COVID-19 vs Team Rubicon. Disasters vs Veterans. Navy Secretary Modly vs the USS Theodore Roosevelt and Captain Crozier. 8 Governors vs America. The Rapid Spread of Stupid. President Mayhem Won’t Wear a Mask. Sanders is Finally Out. Biden Gets Three Dragons. #StayFrosty

  The only thing spreading faster in America than coronavirus, is stupid. It started inside the White House, spread to Fox News, into Congress, out to Governors nationwide. And now, the infection has spread to a new group: the United States Navy. Thousands of brave sailors on the USS Theodore Roosevelt are the epicenter of […]

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