Day: December 4, 2020

Episode 88 – Dr. Paul Haser – Full Interview

  You can join us for an exclusive Angry Americans Cocktail Hour Zoom on December 7th if you become part of the Angry Americans Patreon community. You’ll also get unique access to our amazing guests, our dynamic host, merch discounts, and exclusive content. Angry Americans is possible thanks to these Patreon supporters and Uncle Nearest […]

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Episode 88: Dr. Paul Haser. Winter is Here. Inside an Emergency Room Fighting the Virus. COVID is Like Glitter. NYC: From the Pearl Harbor of the American Pandemic to Occupied France. Trump Vetoing the Defense Budget. Pentagon Purge Continues.

  Winter is here. And we’ve got one last very hard month of 2020. But as the weather turns cold, our country is burning with the virus. With the pandemic surging nationwide, our independent host, Paul Rieckhoff breaks it down and rips into the most under-reported story in America: Trump’s ongoing purge of the Pentagon. […]

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