Author: Paul Rieckhoff

Episode 47: Henry Rollins. The Age of Eventuality. The Full Rollins Origin Story. Trump is Punk Rock. Henry Breaks Down the Candidates. And, And, And. Bloomberg’s Big Surge. Here Comes Nevada. Rise Above, Rise Above.

  With America disrupted and divided like never before in our lifetime, what better time to sit down with the American icon, punk rock legend, thought-leader, author, political activist and spoken-word master, Henry Rollins (@HenryRollins). Henry is one of the most interesting, most experienced, most entertaining, most thought-provoking activists in the world. And a conscience […]

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Episode 46: Jamil Smith. From Hollywood: New Hampshire Changes the Game. Black History Month in the Age of Trump. Bernie’s Big Win and Bigger Problems. The TBI Scandal. Erasing Kaepernick. Mentorship from Rachel Maddow and Steve Sabol. Will The Cleveland Browns Suck Forever?

  With America’s eyes focused on the New Hampshire results, and looking forward to Nevada and South Carolina, Angry Americans hit the road. We’re going west. To the Golden State. Back to Cali. It’s Angry Americans in Hollywood. Meanwhile Donald Trump is out to make Washington DC the Hollywood for ugly people. A week after […]

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Episode 45: Meghan McCain. The Iowa Disaster. Previewing New Hampshire. Haters, Ivanka and the Oscars. Life In On the Campaign Trail. Guns, Whiskey and the Future of the Republican Party. TV is Bullshit. Buttigieg’s Millennial Moment. Shotguns, Horses and Dogs. We Are Spartacus.

  As the Iowa Caucuses remains undecided, impeachment rips America apart, and the State of the Union becomes a spectacle, Angry Americans gets you ready for the next Democratic Debate, the New Hampshire Primary and The Oscars with attitude and style. This newsmaking episode features controversial media sensation, Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain). It’s Meghan uninterrupted and […]

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Episode 44: Ambassador Susan Rice. Reactions to Kobe Bryant’s Death, The Grammy Awards and Mike Pompeo. Race in the Military. Whether or Not She’ll Run for Office. The Truth Behind Casualties in the Middle East. Tough Love For America. The Most Political Super Bowl Ever. Lizzo, Prince and P Funk.

  In this groundbreaking episode, you’ll hear a side of Ambassador Susan Rice that you’ve likely never heard before. This is Rice uncensored, frank and with the gloves completely off. She candidly shares her thoughts on the recent attacks on US troops in Iraq and the Trump impeachment, but also on the Grammy Awards, the […]

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Rieckhoff on Gallagher – Variety Magazine   “Trump is a master of casting, and Gallagher is a perfect fit,” Paul Rieckhoff, the founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, told the Times. “He’s handsome, he’s heroic, he’s got a beautiful wife. He’s a Rambo version of the same story Trump has been telling over […]

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Rieckhoff on CNN’s Reliable Sources January 5, 2020

  Angry Americans host Paul Rieckhoff on CNN’s Reliable Sources. Are Trumps Actions Being Motivated by Media Coverage? January 5, 2020.

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