Author: Paul Rieckhoff

Episode 78: Stephen Colbert. Taking on Trump, The Supreme Court Battle, Breonna Taylor, Leadership After Loss, Stephen’s Dog Eating Ai Weiwei’s Art, Joking in the Face of Fear, Laughing at the Devil.

  “Fear is the mind killer. If you’re laughing you’re not afraid.” Wise words in this groundbreaking new episode from a truly iconic guest: Stephen Colbert. Stephen joins us from his home–uninterrupted and unedited in this fun, candid and inspiring episode. As we enter the most trying and important fall of our lifetime, Angry Americans […]

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Forbes: Angry Americans And What The Future Holds

Forbes has a great interview with host and founder Paul Rieckhoff. It’s a greta look at the goals of Angry Americans and our parent company Righteous Media.

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Episode 77: Rob Serra, FDNY (Ret). With America on Fire (Literally and Politically), Our Favorite Firefighter Hero Is Back. Rob Breaks Down The Wildfires Ravaging the West Coast, Burn Pits, How #NeverForget Was Forgotten This 9/11, Jon Stewart’s Fiery Return, The Pandemic’s Burning Up First Responders. COVID Cancels Peeps.

  9/11 First Responder and retired New York City firefighter Rob Serra (@SerraRob) represents the best of us. He’s a helper. A leader who runs into danger when others run out. And for the last six months, he’s been hunkered down in his basement. He’s leading this time by keeping himself safe from COVID19 so […]

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Episode 76: Jason Dempsey, PhD. Trump Calls Troops “Losers” and “Suckers.” Will The Military Save Us? Generals Mattis and Kelly Are Complicit. The 19th Anniversary of 9/11. The Best Peeps Answer Ever.

  Trump has been caught by his own words. Demeaning the military, disrespecting our Generals, downplaying the virus, and lying to the American people. But what happens now? How is the Pentagon reacting? Will this moment be his Waterloo? Can President Mayhem survive the onslaught of bad news–especially when so much of it is focused […]

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Episode75: Rosie Perez, Henry Rollins, Stephanie Ruhle, Norman Lear, Meghan McCain, David Aldridge, Ambassador Susan Rice, Jason Alexander, Sam Bee, Baratunde Thurston, Mazdack Rassi. The Best of the Car Question.

  We’ve had some amazing guests join the pod over the last year and a half. And every single one of them has gotten “The Car Question”. As we end an epically crazy summer, and roll into a chaotic and daunting fall, our host Paul Rieckhoff, shares pieces of some of the most fun conversations […]

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Episode 74: Fred Guttenberg. Looking For The Helpers In Our Time of Mayhem. The Powerful Parkland Dad Speaks Out On The Republican National Convention, The 17-year-old Shooter In Kenosha, Biden vs Trump, Getting Thrown Out Of The State Of The Union. Rieckhoff Rips into RNC, DNC, NBA, Hurricane Laura and The Latest News.

  If anyone has a right to be angry it’s Fred Guttenberg. He suffered a terrible loss when his 14-year-old daughter Jamie was shot at Parkland, Florida’s Stoneman Douglas High School. Despite his pain, he emerged the very next day. He spoke at a vigil addressing his community. It was carried nationally and the entire […]

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