Author: Paul Rieckhoff

Episode 103: Darren Walker. Ford Foundation President. Why Hope Is the Oxygen Of Democracy. How Philanthropy is Fighting COVID, Extremism, Inequality. Why Texas Is a Model for What’s Broken in America. How Work Gets Done in the Gray Space. Perseverance.

  Independent Americans is your trusted, independent source for news, politics, culture and inspiration. It’s a smart, fresh, candid perspective you won’t find anywhere else in the media. Winter is dragging on, but we’re bringing light to warm things up. Our host, activist, 9/11-First Responder and Army combat vet, Paul Rieckhoff is tearing into a […]

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Episode 102: Ken Feinberg. What Is A Human Life Worth? How Should America Face Another Tragedy? The 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Special Master and Legal Expert on a 1/6 Commission, Loss, Justice, Merrick Garland and Independent Leadership in Times of Crisis, Division and Pain.

  Independent Americans is your trusted, independent source for news, politics, culture and inspiration. It’s a smart, fun, candid perspective you won’t find anywhere else in the media. Guest Ken Feinberg is a master of disaster. He’s a leader who has been asked multiple times, by multiple Presidents, to do the impossible: to determine the […]

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CNN: America’s military needs to confront the enemy within

Paul Rieckhoff joins Amy McGrath in ringing the alarm about the threat white nationalism in the military creates for our country. CNN: “The military is still the most respected institution in America, but this respect is not a given. The politicizing of the military under the Trump administration and the growth of right-wing extremism among […]

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Episode 101 – Evan McMullin – Full Interview

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Episode 101: Evan McMullin. The Independent Presidential Candidate on the Future of Independent Politics. The CIA Veteran Breaks Down the Insurrection. The Former GOP Strategist Analyzes the Impeachment and Destruction of the Party He Once Served.

  Welcome to Season 2. Yep, we’ve changed the name of the show. For 100 episodes, we were united in our understandable anger. We were united in highlighting for others issues that had us angry–and should have everyone angry. And we were united in turning that anger into positive impact. That positive impact inspired action, […]

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Episode 100: Sebastian Junger. The Bestselling Author and Award-Winning Filmmaker Dissects Our Country in Crisis. Exploring the Tortured and Fighting Spirit of America. Redefining Patriotism, Leadership and Freedom.

  Before he was slain serving as a Capitol Hill Police officer, Brian Sicknick served in the Air Force. Officer Sicknick survived multiple deployments to the Middle East, only to be killed at home by his fellow citizens inside his own nation’s capital. He was the first casualty in America’s new war with itself. Our […]

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DISPATCH SPECIAL: Fred Guttenberg. The Heroic Parkland Dad Confronts Representative Majorie Taylor Greene. On The Anniversary of His Daughter’s Death, A Father Is Fighting A Member of Congress Who Says It Didn’t Happen. How You Can Help.

  Just when you think things can’t shock you anymore, politics in America finds a way. We now all know about Q Anon. And we’re learning more and more about the role it/they played in the January 6 terrorist attack on our Capitol. And over the next few weeks, as the second impeachment trial of […]

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Episode 98 – Charlotte Clymer – Full Interview

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