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Episode 66: Willie Geist. Morning Joe vs Donald Trump. Charlize Theron and Nancy Pelosi Are In My Garage. Russian Bounties on US Troops. July 4th in a Pandemic. The Wu-Tang Question. Mount Rushmore is Infected with The Sickness. Vanilla Ice Sucks.

  Willie Geist is one of the most beloved leaders in American media. The co-host of Morning Joe and Host of NBC’s TODAY, Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist, and the Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist podcast, is back on Angry Americans for a uniquely candid, extended and fun conversation with his buddy, Paul Rieckhoff. Willie […]

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Episode 65: Charlotte Clymer. Pride Month Special. From Army Infantry to the Front Lines of Trans Rights. Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable. Dept of Veterans Affairs Coronavirus Numbers Double. New York Was Right. Florida Was Wrong. Rieckhoff’s Zach Galifianakis Story.

  Charlotte Clymer is a fighter. An Army veteran and one of the most influential trans activists in the world, she’s gone from from a trailer park in Texas, to Army Infantry Basic Training at Fort Benning, to advocating for transgender people worldwide. Charlotte fights for herself and for others. Tough, patriotic and sharp, she […]

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Episode 64: Ron Perlman. EXCLUSIVE: The Man Who Stomped Ted Cruz & Matt Gaetz on Twitter. Trump vs the Generals. Atlanta Cops Charged in Rayshard Brooks Case. The George Floyd Murder is the My Lai of Policing. Father’s Day in a Pandemic.

  If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. And actor and activist Ron Perlman is understandably angry. Ron is known and loved worldwide for his popular roles in Sons of Anarchy, Hellboy, Beauty and the Beast and more. But he’s never had an audience like the one that watched his fiery and personal Twitter […]

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Rieckhoff on Let’s Get After It with Chris Cuomo – June 11, 2020

  Angry Americans host Paul Rieckhoff hits a number of topics related to the military and security in this June 11 episode of Chris Cuomo’s Let’s Get After It. From the VA testing hydroxychloroquine on veterans to Trump’s politicization of the West Point graduation… it’s a conversation you won’t want to miss.

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Episode 63: Wayne Smith. The Funeral of George Floyd. “Defund The Police” vs “Reform the Police”.COVID-19 Hits the DC National Guard. Sec Deaf Yesper Almost Gets Fired. General Milley Apologizes. COPS Gets Cancelled. Trump Yanks Troops Out of Germany. Our Enemies Are Celebrating. Banksy is right. #StayFrosty

  In this episode, we’ll take a step back from the frontline of our war against the virus to get some perspective. We’ll look back at history, so we can find a way forward. We’ll get up on the balcony, have a smoke, and look down on the chaotic moshpit of a dance floor that […]

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Trump’s VA is treating veterans with unproven drug (CNN)The Department of Veterans Affairs could learn an important lesson from their colleagues at SpaceX and NASA after the historic launch to the International Space Station last month was initially postponed due to inclement weather. When there’s a storm rolling in, you don’t fly into it, no matter how much a powerful person looking […]

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