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Episode 61: Martha Raddatz. Journalism in the Pandemic. Defending the Press. VA Tests Hydroxychloroquine on More Vets. Moderating Debates with Trump & Biden. Interviewing Sec Wilkie. The Death of George Floyd. Fighter Jets, White Wine, Rockets & Chamillionaire.

  Like everything else in America, journalism is very different in the pandemic. It’s been disrupted by the virus–while remaining under daily attack from the President. Our host Paul Rieckhoff digs into the state of journalism, politics, world affairs and more with an extended and candid conversation with renowned journalist, Martha Raddatz. Martha is Chief […]

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Episode 60: Bonnie Carroll. Memorial Day in a Pandemic. Trump Tests Hydroxychloroquine on Vets. Turning Grief into Gratitude. Surviving Losing a Spouse. Biden’s Pain. 3 Whales, Reagan & Gorbachev. Shattering Assumptive Reality. The Dutch Oven of the Coronavirus.

  As the country battles whether or not to wear masks, and whether or not hydroxychloroquine works, Paul Rieckhoff rips into the news you need with his trademark wit, wisdom and humor. He digs into the top national defense, first-responders and vets news and shares a powerful conversation with Medal of Freedom recipient and legendary […]

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Episode 59: Baratunde Thurston. Being Black in the Pandemic. The Murder of Ahmaud Arbery. What Black People Should Expect From Biden. The Virus Hits The White House. Trump’s Racism is Catching up with Him. Trump vs Fauci. The Old Fashioned Is The Most Democratic Drink Ever. #StayFrosty

  The pandemic is devastating America. And black Americans especially. Maybe more than any other group in the United States. As many as one-fourth of the overall American dead from the pandemic are black. And people of color are disproportionately serving on the front lines of healthcare, public transportation, food services and many other industries […]

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Episode 58. Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner. Mother’s Day in a Pandemic. What Moms Need to Fight the Coronavirus. The Shocking Collapse of Childcare. Advice From Kristin’s 104-year-old Grandma. Murder Hornets and Manhattans in Washington. Amash and Thugs in Michigan. #StayFrosty

  How is the coronavirus impacting the mothers of the world? This Mother’s Day, moms across America are being hit especially hard by the pandemic. It’s another hidden and underreported front in our war against COVID-19. Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner is a renowned and respected fighter for moms everywhere. She’s met with Presidents, testified before Congress and […]

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Episode 57. Anya Kamenentz. Parenting in a Pandemic. Education After Coronavirus. 9 Things Schools Must Do To Reopen. Managing Lockdown Screen Time. Trump Stumps for Lysol. 82 Veterans Dead in Holyoke. Mike Pence Thinks He’s Special. #StayFrosty

  What is the future of education after the coronavirus? What will schools look like after all this? How can they reopen safely? Will colleges go bankrupt? Are we rotting the brains of our kids with all this screen time? Where is Education Secretary Betsy DeVos? What happens now to education in America? As the […]

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Episode 56: David Aldridge. Sports After Coronavirus. Michael Jordan and The Last Dance. The Virtual NFL Draft. The NBA Biosphere Scenario. Remembering Pat Tillman. Stupid Infects Georgia. The VA Scrambles. #StayFrosty

  What is the future of sports after the coronavirus? Will the NBA play again this season? How will sports look in our new normal? David Aldridge is one of the best and most respected sports writers in America. He’s a basketball icon that’s been in on our TV for decades covering the NBA for […]

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The Dispatches: Episode 2 – Tom Colicchio

  As the coronavirus shatters and shudders restaurants around the world, legendary Chef and Top Chef Host, Tom Colicchio joins Paul Rieckhoff to quickly break down how bad it really is for the food business. He’s had to close his world-famous restaurants, lay-off hundreds of staff, and reorganize this entire business. But he’s adapting, challenging […]

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Episode 55: Jeffrey Wright. Westworld and COVID19. Fighting the Virus in Brooklyn. Rallying for Restaurants. Ebola in Sierra Leone. The Slave Behind Jack Daniels Whiskey. Trump vs The WHO. Stupid Hits South Dakota. The VA Secretary is MIA. #StayFrosty

  Jeffrey Wright is one of the finest actors in the world. He’s also one of the most tenacious activists. He’s a patriot. He’s an organizer. He’s a voice for the voiceless. He’s a powerful critic of Donald Trump. And he’s deep in the fight vs the coronavirus right now. From Angels in America to […]

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Episode 54: Jake Wood. COVID-19 vs Team Rubicon. Disasters vs Veterans. Navy Secretary Modly vs the USS Theodore Roosevelt and Captain Crozier. 8 Governors vs America. The Rapid Spread of Stupid. President Mayhem Won’t Wear a Mask. Sanders is Finally Out. Biden Gets Three Dragons. #StayFrosty

  The only thing spreading faster in America than coronavirus, is stupid. It started inside the White House, spread to Fox News, into Congress, out to Governors nationwide. And now, the infection has spread to a new group: the United States Navy. Thousands of brave sailors on the USS Theodore Roosevelt are the epicenter of […]

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The Dispatches: Episode 1 – Chris Fussell

  We are now a world at war. The coronavirus is the enemy we all face. And we are all united in our fight against that enemy. The Dispatches is a new quick-hit pod hosted by Iraq war veteran, author and activist Paul Rieckhoff that gives you news and information you can use in the […]

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