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Episode 93: Chuck Hagel. Insurrection in America. Terror in the Capitol. President Mayhem blows it all up. All living SecDefs sound the alarm. The Dems take Georgia. What happens next? The former SecDef and Rieckhoff break it down.

  America is under attack from within. Domestic terrorists invaded the Capitol. President Mayhem is blowing it all up on his way out. For months on Angry Americans, we warned that this could happen. It’s a dark time for all Americans. But this episode will help you understand it, unpack the causes and failures, and […]

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Episode 91: Stephen Colbert, Susan Rice, Mick Foley and More: What Makes You Happy? The 2020 Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus/Holiday Special. Gifts of Insight from Our Best Guests to End Your Year On A High Note With The 4 I’s.

  Whew! We made it. 2020 is almost over. Finally. But before it is, we want to celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Festivus and the entire holiday season with one little present of a pod for all our good little angry Americans all around the world. Our host Paul Rieckhoff has coordinated with Santa for one last […]

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Episode 90: Jason Alexander. He’s back! Our Second Annual Festivus Holiday Special with Jason. Rieckhoff’s Christmas List For America. VA Secretary Wilkie Must Resign. Tom Cruise is Not Wrong. COVID Blessed. Pancakes or Waffles?

  Festivus is here again! And so is the great Jason Alexander. Star of stage and screen, winner of Tonys and Golden Globes, loved worldwide as George Constanza on Seinfeld, and insightful dropper of knowledge. Festivus is a secular holiday, made famous by the show Seinfeld and is celebrated on December 23, as an alternative […]

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Episode 89: Admiral James Stavridis. The Brilliant Navy 4-Star and Rieckhoff Break Down the Pandemic, Trump vs the Pentagon, Biden’s Controversial Picks for Veterans Affairs and Defense, The Future of Independent Politics, Cold Martinis and Fiat Convertibles.

  The anniversary of the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor was this week. And almost exactly 79 years later, American is experiencing a Pearl Harbor loss of life from the pandemic every single day. And just like after Pearl Harbor, our national response will be led by America’s military. It’s the Department of Defense (and […]

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Episode 88: Dr. Paul Haser. Winter is Here. Inside an Emergency Room Fighting the Virus. COVID is Like Glitter. NYC: From the Pearl Harbor of the American Pandemic to Occupied France. Trump Vetoing the Defense Budget. Pentagon Purge Continues.

  Winter is here. And we’ve got one last very hard month of 2020. But as the weather turns cold, our country is burning with the virus. With the pandemic surging nationwide, our independent host, Paul Rieckhoff breaks it down and rips into the most under-reported story in America: Trump’s ongoing purge of the Pentagon. […]

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Episode 92: Happy New Year with Henry Rollins. End 2020 and/or Start Your 2021 with the Iconic Punk Rock and Spoken Word Legend.

It’s a perfect way to end 2020 and start 20201. With the American icon, punk rock legend, thought-leader, author, political activist and spoken-word master, Henry Rollins (@HenryRollins). Henry is one of the most interesting, most experienced, most entertaining, most thought-provoking activists in the world. And a conscience for America. If you love Henry, this will […]

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Episode 87: Rachel Maddow (Replay). Thanksgiving 2020. A Conversation to Warm Your Heart, Feed Your Brain, and Inspire Your Soul.

  2020 has been a feast of insanity and stress. But even in a pandemic, there is still reason to be thankful. And this Thanksgiving season, after 86 episodes of Angry Americans, we’re extremely thankful for all the important, inspiring and iconic guests that have joined us. And few have been more popular than Rachel […]

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Episode 86: Chuck D. Fighting the Power (2020 Remix). Public Enemy’s Iconic Founder on Trump, Biden, Harris, Black Lives Matter, SpaceX, Getting Old, Advice from Prince, the Future of Music, the NY Knicks.

  As America faces power fights like we’ve never seen before, the legendary founder of Public Enemy joins us to explore and explain fighting the power: 2020 style. This is Chuck D–a voice of consciousness, outrage, inspiration and action for over 35 years—unplugged and uninterrupted. Just when our country needs it the most. Chuck D […]

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Episode 85: General Barry McCaffrey. Biden Wins. BUT “You should be alarmed”. America in Crisis. Chaos at the Pentagon. Another Secretary of Defense Goes Down. The Most Volatile Veterans Day in our Lifetime. Chappelle and Starting Over.

  No matter what Tucker Carlson or your crazy uncle says, Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 election for President of the United States. Yes, he did it. Yes, we did it. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won. America won. We won. Trump lost. Authortiansim lost. Trumpism lost. History is made. The good […]

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Episode 84: Molly McKew. Biden Beating Trump. Russians Are Attacking Our Election Right Now. How You Can Defend America From Misinformation. Wizard Spider, The Trickboy Botnet and Other Scarily-Named Bad Guys. Yesper On The Edge. Why You Should Delete Zoom.

  “We expect panic,” that’s what a Russian hacker involved in attacks on America is predicting. As Election results unfold all across our political battlefield, there’s a massive war happening nationwide that most Americans can’t see. Hackers, cyber terrorists and information warriors from Russia and around the world are taking shots at your election machines, […]

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