Episode 2: 9/11 Hero Rob Serra, Howard Schultz’s Big Problem and the Statue of Liberty vs Trump’s Wall.

In a groundbreaking episode, Rieckhoff recaps a wild week of urgent news below the headlines that should make all Americans angry. He dissects what’s wrong with Howard Schultz’s independent candidacy and talks exclusively to 9/11 Hero First-Responder, New York City Firefighter and all-around badass, Rob Serra about the ridiculous fight in Washington he’s leading alongside Jon Stewart and others to provide support for America’s heroes. Rieckhoff also again take it to the streets. He goes out to the Statue of Liberty to talk people from all over the world about Trump’s border wall, foreign affairs and Wrestlemania. And we learn about how you can take Angry Action to support our cops, firefighters and other brave First-Responders. It’s an urgent, fast-faced and enlightening episode every concerned American should check out.

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