Episode 39: 2019 Year End Special. Chris Cuomo. Zainab Salbi. Ai Jenn Poo. Ethan Nadelmann. Samantha Bee. Soledad O’Brien. Chef Tom Collichio. The Best of the Giving of the Gifts!

Whew! We made it. Christmas is over. Hanukkah is almost over. Festivus is done. And host Paul Rieckhoff has one last holiday gift: a special and quick end of year episode with some of our best guests from an incredible year of pods. It’s a short one. And a happy one. We’ll hear from a few of our best guests from an amazing 2019.

After every conversation with an important, iconic and/or inspiring guest, there is a giving of the gifts. Each guest gets a few gifts of appreciation from Paul. And in those moments, their reactions (and choices) give us an insight into who they really are. On Angry Americans, guests always get some fun questions–and some tough questions. But it’s in the giving of the gifts that these amazing guests are often most authentically revealed. And, where we got some content gift of our own over the course of a memorable 2019. So, you’ll hear from CNN’s Chris Cuomo, activist and author Zainab Salbi, the wise and learned Ai Jen Poo, Drug expert Ethan Nadelmann, rockstar comedian Samantha Bee, Twitter firestarter and media critic Soledad O’Brien, and the great Top Chef himself, Tom Collichio. They’re some quick pops of the 4 I’s that’ll end your 2019 right.

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