Episode 8: Tom Colicchio. Trump Pardoning War Criminals, The Politics of Food, Memorial Day

Legendary Chef and Top Chef Host, Tom Colicchio (@TomColicchio) joins Angry Americans and Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) to cook down the powerful intersection of food and politics, his secrets to business success, and how Trump is impacting restaurants nationwide. As America begins Memorial Day weekend and summer of food and politics, Colicchio chops and serves both in the perfect show to kick off your summer season.

The world knows Colicchio as an icon from TV and the food industry. You probably don’t know how deeply he cares about America, how involved he is in politics, and how much he’s doing in Washington to fight hunger. He dishes on why breakfast in schools is so critical for children, how farmers are struggling with the new Trump tariffs on China and if he’ll run for office one day. After shares a moving story of serving food to First-Responders on 9/11, he shares why he started cooking, what a Top Chef feeds his dog, and answers the question dividing Americans everywhere: pancakes or waffles?

It’s an in-depth, candid and moving interview with another iconic, important or inspiring American that is shaping what our country is and what it will be in the future. The kind of interview that is defining Angry Americans.

Rieckhoff also tears into reports that Trump may pardon convicted war criminals. Yes, he might really do that. As a combat veteran and renowned veterans advocate, his perspective is unique, hard-hitting and important. And, he shares the history of Memorial Day and an action to truly honor our fallen troops.

It’s the latest episode of the groundbreaking new political podcast that was recently featured in Variety Magazine and continues to make waves nationwide with recent appearances on CNN and MSNBC. Listen now and step inside an innovative and entertaining show that takes you behind the media and politics at the highest levels.

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