Episode 85: General Barry McCaffrey. Biden Wins. BUT “You should be alarmed”. America in Crisis. Chaos at the Pentagon. Another Secretary of Defense Goes Down. The Most Volatile Veterans Day in our Lifetime. Chappelle and Starting Over.

No matter what Tucker Carlson or your crazy uncle says, Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 election for President of the United States. Yes, he did it. Yes, we did it. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won. America won. We won. Trump lost. Authortiansim lost. Trumpism lost. History is made. The good one won. The bad guy lost. Yes, there is reason to celebrate. But that shit’s over. This is no time to take a victory lap, or nurse a hangover. Even when world leaders are calling to congratulate Joe Biden, Trump and his loyalists are going down fighting. And some, may not wanna go down at all. Half of America isn’t celebrating. And Trump is doing what he does. He’s blowing things up. Things that are vital to our national stability, our homeland security, our fight against the virus and our domestic tranquility. And after failing to blow up the election. He moved on to the single most powerful, most vital, most sacred institution we’ve got. The pentagon.

At the single most precarious time in recent history for our national security, Trump is firing #Yesper. Angry Americans host Paul Rieckhoff is no fan of the SecDef, but this massive disruption now is terribly bad for our troops & our security. #OurEnemiesAreCelebrating And it’s not just Esper. The Pentagon’s top policy official James Anderson resigned. That paved the way for the nasty, islamophobe retired Brig. Gen. Anthony Tata to take over policy. With our national security on the line, with a pandemic raging everywhere, Trump is flailing, and pulling this bullshit.

And this is not a time for bullshit. It’s time for hard truths. And it’s time for hard leaders. Who can deliver, understand, communicate, plan for, and overcome hard truths. If you want sunshine, this is not your podcast. If you want truth, this is your place. Now and always. General Barry McCaffrey is no bullshit. General McCaffrey is a serious man for these serious times. It’s a must-listen Angry Americans episode that will wake you up, focus your heart, and prepare you for the precarious days ahead.

If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.

Especially now. But especially now, we have to control that anger. We have to channel it. We have to recognize it in others. And control it. We have to cool it down. Even if others won’t. America has got to cool it now. And keep cool heads. Especially when the President of the United States is losing his.

Welcome to a conversation that will help you stay calm. Welcome to a conversation that will help you stay cool. Welcome to a conversation that will help you stay vigilant. And a conversation that will help you stay frosty. Because the old idiom is true: cooler heads will prevail. So take a big deep breath America. We got you.

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